All talk but no action by Wenge

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the letters by Sherron Lewis and Manoka of Lae (The National, Nov 3).
I support the comments of both writers.
We have a governor whose “words speak louder than action”.
I wonder if Governor Luther Wenge travels by car or by helicopter.
For example, the Lae Plantation Road is “being upgraded” but after a year, there is still no tarmac.
Petty thieves are hanging around our bus-stops waiting for the opportunity to snatch bags and pick pockets.
He has started campaigning for the 2012 elections with his rhetoric and non-stop talk about fisheries or wharf projects to be built at Tale, Tikeleng and Singaua.
What I would like to know is:
* Will they really get off the ground? 
* How will landowners benefit? 
* Where is he sourcing the funds from?
* recall during the funeral of a prominent landowner in 2005, the governor proudly said a third level airline airstrip would be built at Poahom.
What is happening to the airstrip?
By the way, what happened to the funds for that project, Mr Wenge?


Tom Sarwon