Allan urges new board to fight corruption

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The National, Friday 7th June 2013

 NEW members of the PNG Lands Board have been challenged to fight corrupt practices which have derailed systems in the department.

During a swearing-in ceremony yesterday, Lands and Physical Planning Minister Benny Allan told the new members to refrain from corrupt practices and follow due process when issuing land titles.

The seven new members are Nawan Kimisopa Pupune, Sam Wange (chairman), Walter Nombe, Kepo Pomat, Seno Wekina, Dr Linus Digim’Rina and Josepha Kiris.

“We want change and we want the new board to be committed to make a U-turn from where we are right now and erase the writings on the wall.

“Now that we have a team in place, they can deal with all the back-log of applicants piled up with the department.”

Allan clarified that the move to appoint a new board was not because of him as the new minister but to remove corrupt and bad practices which had existed in the former board.

He urged the new board members not to accept bribes or be seen with individuals or investors outside of board meetings. 

He said they must strictly adhere to the Lands Act when making decisions.

“I urge all members to make decisions under the guidance of the Lands Act and to minimise or put an end to individuals taking the department to court over decisions made by the board.”

Alan said the board must work together with the department and the ministry to ensure they deliver what was best for the nation.

Meanwhile board chairman Sam Wenge said the new board’s theme was “Old has gone, new has come” to show that there would be zero tolerance on corruption.