Allegations will not stop services: MP


KIRIWINA-Goodenough MP Douglas Tomuriesa is assuring people in his electorate that allegations made against him will not stop him from delivering services.
He said he had trust in the court system and the court would decide whether he was guilty or not.
Tomuriesa said he and his wife were re-arrested last month but the case was not new.
He said investigations started six years ago and he had provided the police with information they had requested for four times.
But, he added that police said they had “lost it” during investigations.
Tomuriesa said he would not hide.
He had many projects to be launched and others to be opened in the district, he said.
All the projects were funded by the Kiriwina-Goodenough development authority.
Tomuriesa said he was pleased that they had supported 328 students from the district who were in tertiary institutions.
He said since the scholarship programme started, they had sponsored 2,800 students, some were working and some were continuing with their studies in PNG and abroad.


  • Mauswara….you and your wife should be behind bars….one of the most corrupt and incompetent crooks in the parliament….

  • you better step down. you are spoiling us kiriwina people! finish the case before you go back to office otherwise you wont go back you must go to jail!

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