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A POLICE constable, reservist and civilian were remanded by the Waigani committal court yesterday for various offences allegedly linked to extorting Kikori district administrator Tars Sauka.
Magistrate Tracey Ganai ruled that Police Constable (PC) Jeffery Kifoi, 31, police reservist Henry Lawrence Wanapi, 32, and Vakinap Dermot, 32, were wrongly released on police bail of K1,000 each.
Boroko Criminal Investigation Department (CID) PC Kifoi, from Eastern Highlands’ Daulo, is scheduled to be charged with four counts of abuse of office and extortion while Wanapi, from Hiri’s Central’s Kuriva, is to be charged with two counts of the same charge.
Dermot, from Ambunti, East Sepik’s Avatip, is to be charged with impersonating a policeman.
Ganai denied bail and remanded the trio.
Prosecutor Sgt Joseph Sangam told the court that the men were wrongly granted police bail as they were arrested on a court’s warrant.

IAD investigators checking the police-issued firearms and money that were seized from the trio at Laguna Hotel on Jan 6. – Nationalpic by JOEL HAMARI

“I would like to ask the court to remand these men because they are not entitled to be released on police bail.
“When people are arrested on
a court’s warrant, they can only seek bail from the court,” Sgt Sangam said.
“There must be a precedent set so that police cannot act the same again by releasing someone who had been arrested on a court’s warrant,” he added.
The three, who will be appearing today to face charges and appeal for bail, were alleged to have on Dec 26 met Sauka at Laguna Hotel and arrested him.
It is alleged that PC Kifoi forced Sauka into a vehicle and threatened him with arrest if he (Sauka) did not lend him K900.
He told Sauka that he had the “evidence” against him (on a case).
Since it was the festive season, Sauka allegedly gave the money to PC Kifo the same evening.
On Jan 1, Kifoi allegedly obtained another K3,000 from Sauka in Laguna Hotel.
On Jan 6, Kifoi allegedly called Sauka and demanded him to pay K50,000 or K60,000.
Sauka allegedly told Kifoi that he would give him whatever money he had and would pay the K60,000 later but Kifoi insisted that he be paid the money.
Kifoi and his two accomplices were arrested at Laguna Hotel by the police Internal Affairs Directorate investigators while extorting money from Sauka.
They were arrested in possession of firearms and K19,600.


  • Such a shame on these 3 police personnels, especially constable Kifoi. Man don’t you ever get paid fortnightly? Be contempt and appreciate what little that you get and live within your means. When you are greedy and wanted more, this is what will happen. It goes out to all of us. Alway leave within our means

  • maximum jail sentence for extortion, kidnapping, armed robbery, blackmailing, bloody give them the whole works.
    Let the court have some balls and sentence them to maximum time with hard labour

  • Lock these corrupt cops for good. Give them the maximum penalty applicable for such crime. Using their position for such act is very scary and the court must come down strong on them.

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