Alleged fraud in Hides probed

National, Normal

THE police fraud squad is investigating an alleged fraud submission for the establishment of the Hides PDL 7 Special Purpose Authority (SPA).
The submission was made to Inter-Government Relations Minister Job Pomat by a group of people who forged the common seal of the Komo local-level government, a letter head and the signature of the LLG president Thomas Potape.
The submission stated that the purpose of the establishment of the authority was to manage funds made available by the National Government from revenue generated from the LNG project to implement projects agreed to under the licence-based benefits sharing agreement (LBBSA).
Mr Potape, who has a copy of the submission, has referred the matter to police for investigations.
He said the fraudulent submission contained fraud LLG resolutions and a fraud certificate of the Incorporated Land Group (ILG) was engineered by two people who did not have powers to establish the Hides PDL 7 SPA.
Mr Potape said the ILG certificate raised a lot of questions because there had not been any ILG identification done after the LBBSA which saw the PDL 12 converted to PDL 7.
“This submission is fraudulently engineered by desperate people who want to make a quick buck and does not have the legal endorsement and approval of the Komo LLG council.
“My signatures have been forged and the Komo LLG common seal has been duplicated, therefore, the submission made does not have my endorsement as head of the Komo LLG as required by section 29 (1) (a) of the Organic Law on Provincial and Local Level Government.
“I call on the minister to deal with me on all matters relating to the establishment of the Hides PDL 7 SPA rather than individuals with vested interest and no legal authority,” Mr Potape said.
“I want to sound a very strong warning toany one who thinks they can lay their hands on Komo’s wealth through fraudulent means that as long as I remain as president, this will not happen.”
He said everything must be done in a transparent manner for the benefit of landowners at home and the 27,000 people and 24 councils of Komo.
However, Mr Potape said the Komo LLG fully recognises and approves Ipule Teka as chairman and Angai Walawi as deputy chairman of Hides PDL 7 SPA.