Alleged gun seller handed over to police

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KUMBAKIN clansmen from the Akom tribe in Wabag district of Enga province have handed over one of their tribesmen to Wabag police yesterday morning for allegedly selling a high-powered gun to a man from another tribe.
The accused (named) sold a M16 rifle to a man from the Libin tribe for more than K10,000 two weeks ago.
Acting provincial police commander Senior Insp Albert Beli said yesterday the Kumbakin tribesmen, after finding out that the accused sold the gun, brought him straight to the police station and handed him over to the duty police officers.
Snr Insp Beli said the accused had broken a village court preventive order and memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between the two former warring tribes from Akom and Lenke on Jan 14 last year.
He said the accused had not been not charged but would be made to pay a K5,000 court fine or serve two years in Baisu jail in the Western Highlands province.
He said the accused would not be released on police bail or appear in court but they would follow the village court order and the MoU signed to prosecute him in the near future.