Alleged misuse of funds affect school projects

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About K300 million earmarked for school infrastructure has been allegedly misused, with most building projects left only partly completed.
NCD education secretary Sam Lora told The National that the infrastructure fund known as Rehabilitation of Education Sector Infrastructure (Resi) funds programme was initiated about seven years ago, but was stalled  because of alleged misuse and abuse of money.
He said many schools in the country were suffering because projects were not delivered as anticipated.
Lora said the Resi programme introduced by the Government was supposed to address the overcrowding and infrastructure issues in schools but it was now a failed project.
According to information from Transparency International of PNG, New Erima Primary School, also in NCD, fell victim to this failed  programme.
TIPNG said a whistle-blower made public a well-concealed high-profile syndicate that was involved.
The syndicate allegedly involved top government officials operating within the National Planning and Finance Department at Vulupindi Haus at the time.
The whistle-blower uncovered the syndicate when tracing school funds from the Resi trust account meant for New Erima Primary School which were held back by certain individuals at the Vulupindi Haus.
They were requesting to be paid over K30,000 in cash before releasing the school funds.
It is understood that a copy of a cheque written to the school and confiscated by police as a court exhibit showed that funds to be paid to the school was written from the Hides Petroleum Royalty Trust Account and not from the Resi trust account.