Allegedly killed over a phone

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TIMOTHY Wagambie on June 20 was allegedly killed over a phone, a court was told yesterday.
It was his phone. A fight developed and he was stabbed.
A suspect of the murder at Gerehu Stage Three was remanded by Waigani Committal Court Magistrate Tracy Ganaii yesterday.
Jeffery Morris, 21, of Lese Aviara village in Malalaua, Gulf, is charged with one count of wilful murder.
He is alleged to have been among three relatives who went to Wagambie’s house while he was at his sister’s yard with some friends drinking alcohol.
After a few minutes of conversation with Wagambie and his friends, Morris allegedly stole his mobile phone and walked off with his relatives to a policeman’s house at Red Hills.
Wagambie on realising that his mobile phone was missing, asked his friends if they saw it. He used his friend’s phone to call his phone and it was answered by Morris.
They started looking for Morris and caught up with him at a policeman’s house at Red Hills.
Wagambie asked Morris to return his phone but he ran into the house.
His friend’s helped to catch Morris and they dragged him out of the house to where a crowd had gathered.
Wagambie and the crowd assaulted Morris and recovered his phone.
He and his friends went back to his sister’s house and continued drinking. A police unit from Gerehu arrived.
His friends escaped. Wagambie was picked up with his beer but later released without his beer.
Wagambie’s friends came around when he returned and he insisted on going to the Gerehu police station to get his beer so he was accompanied by two of his friends.
While at the 24 market on their way to the police station, Morris saw them and alerted his friends.
They chased the three of them and attacked Wagambie and stabbed him twice on the left side of his chest.
He was later transported to the Gerehu General Hospital for treatment but died of blood loss.
Morris was interrogated about the death and police obtained his statement. He denied stabbing Wagambie but was implicated by witness statements.
He was later arrested, charged and detained.
His case was adjourned to Aug 7.


  • Beer and alcohol again. I think most of the accidents, fights, divorces, deaths in PNG are somehow alcohol related. SP you and your blood money are under a curse.

  • Police is once more involved in killing again including Janelyn’s death when Police assistance was sort her problem with her murder husband.

  • It’s not because of the phone. It’s because of alcohol. Stop wasting your time and money on alcohol and you would still be alive.
    To be honest, I won’t shed a tear for someone who dies in such a manner.

    • Beer finishes all your hard earned money, then gets you to do unthinkable things and eventually ends your own life. Sometimes we have to learn from our mistakes, use our God given common sense, stop our drinking habits and preserve our lives. Unless one is born with a bottle of beer in his hand.

  • The wisdom was outspoken. When you are already in your house, you are saved. Why do you have to leave the house when you had already missed the targets. Your enemies will not keep up persueing you remember, it is always the target to close the gate. I suggest dismiss the case because the deceased really looking for a chance to get him killed.

  • If police had not taken beer from them then this wound not happen.Police always let people free but BIA EM BAI OL KISIM YET. Some of the incidents should have prevented but because of wrong discussions made, it happen.Such as this.

  • How ironic here: POLICE KAIKAI POLIVE YA:::::::A snr police officer well know and praised, (Wagambie) had not discipline his own son who is becoming alcoholic and eventually died cos of it: I dont really understand this shit!!!

    • Get your facts right, he is not Asst Commissioner Wagambie’s Son as you had mentioned.
      Stop making unnecessary comments without proper research.

  • This generation, young people drink like white men but act like Kanakas b’cause they don’t control the beer but beer controls them.

  • Problems are increasing, at the same time righteousness is increasing, which said we are to be, lets run into the righteousness of God, that is where our salvation is, no any other place we can get away from to get protection, is only in the PRESENCE OF GOD……

    • Stop Sale of alcohol on Fridays and Saturdays. Mostly peaceful and free movement of people especially girls and women in NCDC. There has been a surge in the rise of murders and assaults and rape just 12 hours when the ban was lifted by the Controller.

      And yes recruit matured men and women who are currently have skills but could not get a job.Some current policemen and women has to be fires at stroke 2. We have a very sick police men and women. Wake up, enforce compliance and implement strict procedures and rules.

  • If we are serious about GBV, then put a total ban to beer (alcohol) as well. What are the advantages of beer consumption to and individual? Can a doctor or the government point out all the positive benefits beer does for our bodies?

  • Let’s get to the roots. Prime minister Marape , just get rid of every beer shops and businesses operating in the country , every night clubs in the country and let png alcohol free. Here is change and development in the country..

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