Allocate GST to fix roads

Letters, Normal

MOROBE Governor Luther Wenge is passing the buck on the Lae roads maintenance and repairs to the Government for not giving enough money to fix the problem.
So, who has been responsible for submitting the proper budget to the Government to fund the road repairs in Lae for the past 20 years?
Maybe there is no one responsible. That is why only ad hoc requests for funds are made to the Government when the PM visits Lae.
If the Government system cannot fix the problem than I would suggest that all business houses in Lae, both large and small who are registered to pay GST each year to the IRC stop paying the tax directly to the IRC for the next three years.
Instead, they should pay their GST to a trust account in Lae, to be managed by the Lae Chamber of Commerce, for the sole purpose of fixing all the Lae Roads.
LCC can oversee the tendering and the construction processes to ensure that proper procedures and processes are used to fix the roads professionally.


N. T. Mawason,
Lae, Morobe province