Allow Water PNG to manage water


IT was with interest that I read in yesterday’s The National, page 6, a report on the water situation in Goroka.
Currently the water is not fit for human consumption as it is discoloured.
This has been like that for a long while now.
This is despite the fact that the Japanese government did put in a new filtration system some years back.
I also agree with the report that Goroka’s water supply is not managed by Water PNG.
It is managed by the Urban LLG due to an agreement between the water and land resource owners and the erstwhile Eastern Highlands Capital Authority.
The EHCA’s job was to upgrade roads, aid posts and schools which it had failed to do.
The water continued to be harvested and consumed by residents of Goroka.
The EHCA collected its water revenue freely with no compensatory benefits to the resource owners.
If Minister Richard Maru is adamant about improving Goroka water supply in preparation for APEC 2018 meetings, first of all allow Water PNG to manage the town’s water system.
An agreement also be put in place between Water PNG and the resource owners on what benefits they will enjoy, dating back from 1957 to now and beyond.

Frank Amoiha