Allow women to be equal players


TO respect women in Papua New Guinea, we must give them equal education opportunities, equal job opportunities, equal participation, equal voting rights, freedom to stand for elections to be elected into Parliament like men, stop violence against women, stop rape, stop incest, and respect women’s voice.
God created the universe. And God created women, not from the man’s head, foot or hand, but from the man’s side so that together they will procure and become equal custodians of his creations.
In the Western world, equal opportunities such as voting and standing for elections were realized 600 years or so later, and in the Muslim world, some countries have not realised this.
Our constitution provides equal opportunities to it citizens.
We all must change our culturally conceptualised ways of looking at women and start to see them as equal partners in the development of our nation. Let us create a different environment and see women differently.
We are not far off. It’s been only 1975, we will get there.
The only special difference between women and men is that after mating, women carry the outcome of it for a good nine months so that mankind can have its place on this planet and universe.

Dr. James Naipao
National President
National Doctors’ Association