Alpha Company on ‘border watch’

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THIRTY-seven PNG Defence soldiers of Alpha Company were deployed to Kiunga, Western province, over the weekend to maintain security and watch over the PNG-Indonesian boarder.
Another seven left yesterday, bringing the total to 44.
Officer in command Lt Col Emmanuel Todick said the soldiers would replace the support company soldiers who will be returning to Port Moresby by ship.
He said there was rotation every four months, or three times a year, when soldiers from each group were sent to watch over the border.
He said the soldiers would be based at the forward operational base in Kuinga to guard the PNG-Indonesia border and to ensure there was no trespassing or other illegal activity conducted along the border.
“The soldiers are basically deployed to conduct patrols along the border to maintain security and establish a secure environment for social and businesses activities,” Lt Col Todick said.
He said Alpha Company would be replaced in June by another group.
The soldiers are based in Taurama barracks in the nation’s capital.