Altering of national anthem an evil act against PNG

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday July 9th, 2015

 IN spite of the jubilation and hysteria surrounding the opening ceremony of the 2015 Pacific Games, a great evil was committed with stealth and cunning subtlety under the guise of the celebrations and euphoria. 

This evil was the attempt to de-Christianise PNG and remove God from ouation on the basis of “political correctness”. 

The altering of the National Anthem was done so cleverly that no one was meant to notice but swallow the bait “hook line and sinker”. 

It was clearly an illegal and immoral thing to do as it was done in breach of the laws and without the consent of the people of PNG. 

I therefore call on the Government to investigate this immediately and deal with those responsible for the alteration. 

Every citizen must know that this is no small matter but a calculated move to secularise our Nation. 

Things such as this are done by very smart and cunning people who do this by slowly and cleverly chipping away a bit at a time the things that they want changed, in this instance, our Christian heritage contained in our National Anthem. 

With the help of mass media, people will start accepting this version of the anthem as normal and see no problem with that. 

Those of us who come out against such, will be ridiculed and made to look like religious fanatics, misogynists and the list goes on. 

We have only to look at countries like the United States of America  and Australia to see what is really happening. 


DeLion, Via email