Amaiu launches five-year plan for electorate

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The National, Friday 12th April, 2013


A FIVE-year development plan for the Port Moresby North-east electorate in the National Capital District is expected to be launched today.

Local MP Labi Amaiu made this public yesterday after the Waigani National Court upheld his application to dismiss Andrew Mald’s challenge against his election 


Amaiu told his supporters that the plan took into account the essentials that needed to be addressed for his people, most of whom live in settlements.

These essentials he named as water supply, land and education.

“We need to change how we live,” Amaiu said.

“We need to make it public about how we will do things, people must know,” he said.

He said the development plan would be aligned with the districts budgetary allocations and if there were shortfalls, responsible government departments would be asked to counter fund them.

He said politics should not be dragged into development aspirations as they tended to become obstacles.

Amaiu said with support from the government, his electorate would also establish an electoral office to work from.

He said the office would be located in Boroko and would be funded through a tax credit scheme by Oil Search Ltd.