‘Amazing’ doesn’t reflect Port Moresby


WE might have to find a suitable tag to replace the current popular “Amazing Port Moresby” tag.
We cannot say Port Moresby is amazing due to many factors.
How can we say it’s amazing when the crime rate is on the rise every single day?
How can we say amazing when women and girls do not have the freedom to walk around without being harassed, attacked or even raped?
It’s frustrating and exhausting.
Women and girls, including persons with disability and other vulnerable groups, are always the main targets.
Women have vital roles to play in our society, why should security be an issue for us?
How can we make Port Moresby an amazing city and make it safe city for women and girls?
It is almost impossible to walk the streets of Port Moresby without having to worry about what’s going to happen to us.
Amazing is an amazing word, but it cannot be associated with our capital city.
The city may be amazing in terms of its attractive infrastructure, but this is just one aspect of it.
If the city is our home then why should we fear to move around in our own backyards?
More than 40 years have gone by since the country gained Independence, but yet, law and order and security remain a huge challenge, especially for women and girls.
Why should we live in fear?
When will Port Moresby take the lead in making this country less terrifying and safer for the female population?

Busy Mama,