Amazon Bay off to Masters Games

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THE Amazon Netball Association will again participate at the 7th Pan Pacific Masters Games in Gold Coast, Australia, next month.
Association president Ilene Salin said 20 women comprising Amazon Bay (Abau), Kerema and Kairuku had come together to form a team to participate in the 35-year-old division.
Salin said except for Ruth Sila and Margaret Simik, most of the women would be attending the games for the first time.
She added they had been training since last month  and were prepared to do well in their age category.
The squad: Marie Gedisa, Dorothy Ilo, Toru Guken, Ruth Silas, Evan Kori, Eau Mala, Mary O’oru, Theresa Beni, Sandy Mabua, Henao Gaua, Salin Daniels and Delma Daniels.
The umpires are Anna Buehler, Betty Gollymo, Margaret Simik, Hellen Michael, Gerega Gideon, Naomi Haihavu, Joan Brown and Jacky Owba.
Salin attended the Masters Games for the first time when she was an umpire with the NCD Public Servants Netball Association in 2006.
After registering the association in 2008, the first Amazon Bay team attended the 12th Australian Masters Games last year.
In the same year, the association became a member of the PNG Netball Federation to benefit from the programmes the national body is conducting throughout PNG.
Salin said Abau women were invited but did not show any interest and she had to recruit players from Port Moresby to make up the team.