Ambane: All workers are important assets

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday June 26th, 2013


WORKERS are an important component in driving the success of any public or private sector organisation regardless of position, Chimbu provincial labour officer John Ambane said.

Speaking during a ceremony to commemorate National Labour Day in Kundiawa, Chimbu, last week, Ambane said that offices and work places with neat ablution blocks, clean floor, freshened air with carefully arranged flowers were the work of janitors who many did not regard highly.

“The sweet-smelling atmosphere you enjoy in the office is a result of labour put forward by a committed cleaner,” he said.

Ambane said that unskilled workers, who are categorised as minimum wage earners, were still being paid below the national minimum fortnight wage of K201 which came into effect on Jan 21, 2010.

“We can celebrate achievements but these important groups are yet to enjoy better terms and conditions.

“The Department of Labour and Industrial Relations is having provincial offices around the country to address this issue,” Ambane said.

He said the performance of duties and responsibilities at different levels contributed towards the overall success of an organisation.

Ambane said the lack of proper resources and finances had hindered the work of labour officers nationally but, in Chimbu, they were being supported by provincial administrator Joe Kunda who had provided office space and land space for staff housing.