Ambil: I am the Enga association’s legal president

National, Normal

The National,Monday16 January 2012

UPNG journalism student

THE women’s leader claiming to be the president and founder of the Enga Research and Recovering Women Association has said she is the legal president.
Dian Ambil said another woman, Regina Lau, claimed to be the new president but that was not true.
She said Lau was pretending to be the president.
“I am the founder and president and current public officer.
“Nobody had a meeting and changed the executives and public officers, no membership fees were collected,” she said.
“Lau and the other women involved are jealous of this name and this association does not belong to them,” Ambil said.
She said she went to the Investment Promotion Authority last month and found out that
Lau had forged the association logo with false meeting documents. 
She said Lau pretended to be a president and collected women around Mt Hagen and fabricated meeting minutes.
Ambil said Lau was not an executive or a member of the association.
“Her main idea is to claim the money allocated to it, it’s an association and not a registered company,” Ambil said.
Previous reports had alleged Ambil had been arrested by police and charged with misappropriating funds from the association and that the case was before the courts.
Lau had asked that donations or contributions to the association be handed over to her as she was president.