Ambullua finally linked by road

Highlands, Normal


THE people of Ambullua in Upper Jimi, Western Highlands province, travel by road for the first time following the construction of an 11km road linking Kol.
The villagers used spades and bush knives since early this year to complete the link late last month.
The construction was funded by local MP Wake Goi (K70,000), Governor Tom Olga (K40,000) and the Catholic Mission (K48,000).
In the past, the people flew in and out of the area courtesy of Missionary Fellowship Aviation for K210 one way, or walk for more than four hours to Kol to catch a PMV to Banz town to do their shopping or business.
Mr Goi’s public relations officer Francis Nguna said the new road would benefit more than 5,000 people as well as the Ambullua Primary School and sub-health centre.
Mr Nguna said the people involved in the road construction did not mind the little pay they got because they wanted the area to open up to the outside world.
He said they should be able to use the road to transport their garden produce and cash crops cheaply to town and sell them instead of relying on the MAF service which was costly for the ordinary villager.
Mr Nguna challenged the people to take ownership of the road and look after it.