Ambunti-Dreikikier schools need support


AS a teacher serving in East Sepik’s Ambunti-Dreikikier district, I cannot see any evidence of quality education being provided for our children.
It was sad to hear that Drekikier Secondary School was shutdown due to lack of infrastructure development and management.
The school has been neglected for so many years and was never recognised by our MPs due to differences.
Other schools in the district such as Ambunti High School, Wereili High School and others are struggling and may close due to lack of support from the district development authority because funds from the Government are not enough to cater for infrastructure development.
We have had enough of political differences.
We need services.
Can our leaders change mindsets and stand as true leaders and deliver services equally to our district?
To the people of Ambunti-Dreikikier, the national general election is just around the corner, don’t be blind.

Concerned Teacher