Amendment allows Apec leaders to bring security

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WORLD leaders attending the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in November are allowed to bring their full security details for their safety and protection in the country, Parliament has been told.
This follows an amendment to the Apec Safety and Security Act 2017 tabled by Apec Minister Justin Tkatchenko.
He said staging such an international summit of world leaders came with many challenges including on safety and security.
Tkatchenko said legislation was passed in 2017 to facilitate the provision of safety and security during Apec 2018. It paved the way for the establishment of a joint security task force comprising police and defence.
“The task force had engaged with the international partners including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada and Indonesia for assistance with the Apec safety and security operations in PNG,” he
“As a result of this ongoing dialogue with the international partners, some critical issues concerning the adequacy of the Apec Safety and Security Act were identified.
“The proposed APEC Safety and Security (Amendment) Bill is to address these inadequacies and provide sufficient authority and protection for foreign safety and security personnel, particularly in using their own high-end capacities (fighter jets, warships etc).”
The specific legislation on Apec has a Sunset Clause which will immediately cease after the hosting of the Apec 2018.
Tkatchenko said the proposed bill addresses the following concerns:
lApplication of other laws to foreign safety and security personnel;
lpreauthorisation which would allow for foreign safety and security personnel to deal with imminent threat;
lprivileges and immunities for foreign safety and security personnel in carrying out lawful orders; and,
lCommand and control of foreign safety and security personnel and their assets and the ability of authorised members of foreign force including lethal force.

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