Americans thanked for donating water tanks to school


MINISTER for Youth, Religion and Community Development and Kikori MP Soroi Eoe has applauded an American church group for donating water tanks to Aramiri Catholic Secondary School in his electorate recently.
The Salesian Mission of New York presented water thank to Aramiri Secondary School which has been relying on well water since its establishment almost four decades ago.
Eoe said the entire district was in dire strait and needed a facelift of almost all existing public infrastructure.
“The entire district from Ihu to Baimuru needs serious attention. Every area is a major priority area. Kikori district plays a very vital role in the economy of the country and Gulf province,” he said.
Much of the revenue in the province made from logging, marine resources and other commodities come from the district but there is almost nothing to show for this money. This is because of a lack of clear strategic leadership over the past years.
“School, health facilities and public servants housing are all run down. But the efforts by the church group (Salesian Mission of New York) are very encouraging.
“Let me from the outset tell all development partners, non-government organisation that you now have a leadership that is determined to see the change that once was only a delusive illusion.
“As the MP, I invite all development partners to work with me in realising a better life for the people of Kikori,.”
Eoe said that in his tenure, the district office would work with all stakeholders to optimise development in the district.
The minister said he would also support the school after the district development authority has been sworn in this week.

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