Amet: Callous and foolish move on judiciary

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The National, Friday 11th November 2011

THE purported “suspension” of the Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia is an action that needs to be condemned unequivocally as inappropriate and contemptuous of the Supreme Court, Sir Arnold Amet said last night.
Sir Arnold, the Madang Regional MP, said in a media statement: “This is a callous and foolish attempt to compromise the judiciary.”
“It should not be tolerated especially since the Supreme Court is presently seized on a reference regarding
the constitutionality of the change of government that took place on Aug 2.
“This action is contemptuous of the Supreme Court. The perpetrators of this action are liable to face prosecution.”
He said what transpired was a blatant attempt by the National Executive Council to interfere with the course of justice.
“The National Executive Council has appointing powers but no disciplinary powers over members of the judiciary. Any such matter should, by right, be taken up by a leadership tribunal,” he said.
Sir Arnold said after he had warned last week that the NEC was discussing moves to sack the Chief Justice, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill publicly demanded an apology from him.
He said although O’Neill was out of the country and that the NEC statement was signed by his deputy Belden Namah, the prime minister was a party to the decision.
“O’Neill flew out of the country so that he could conveniently deny participating in the decision if public sentiment was aroused.”