Amet: O’Neill, Namah have defiled ruling

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The National, Friday 16th December 2011

MADANG MP Sir Arnold Amet says in any democracy, the rule of law is always maintained.
He described the regime led by Peter O’Neill and Belden Namah as a “purported government” which had defiled the Supreme Court ruling of Dec 12.
He said the mandated Governor-General, Sir Michael  Ogio, recognised by the Queen invited the Somare cabinet on Wednesday and did the honour of swearing in the 20 ministers.
He said the political tussle was solely created by the O’Neill camp which then unlawfully and “purportedly” sacked the governor-general and proceeded with commissioning their “purported” ministers.
He said the O’Neill team had put the governor-general in a state of dilemma and intimidated the head of state.
Angoram MP Arthur Somare says his father’s cabinet was constitutionally restored by the court and they are complying with the laws and Constitution of the land.
“We don’t go on the streets to claim government but we follow the rule of law,” Somare said at the Morata Haus where the Somare camp had moved into to form its executive council after their swearing-in at government house.
He said the Supreme Court decision was delivered to all statutory bodies to adhere to and recognised the Somare government as the legitimate government.
Wabag MP Sam Abal said they had already formed government.
“We have formed the executive members now and we are the legitimate government,” Abal said.
East Sepik MP Sir Michael Somare said his government would look into the 2012 budget which he said “has so many distortions” and would look into reviewing it.
He said 10 ministerial portfolios were still vacant which he would look into.