Amet visits Madang settlements

Momase, Normal


OUSTED Madang Governor Sir Arnold Amet and ward councillors are visiting settlements and other housing areas to hear out the youths.
He has also told the Madang urban local level government to engage youths to do all cleaning and beautification work around the town.
In the past few weeks, Madang town was already looking cleaner.
Youths are taking the lead to stop people from littering and take ownership of the public facilities.
Sir Arnold, who visited the Health Department compound during the weekend, also told youths to raise their concerns with him.
He said youths could destroy or build the province and it was obvious which was preferred.
“I have gathered like-minded youth leaders from different areas of the town to make up the urban youth leaders organisation.
“For the first meeting, we will meet at the Holy Spirit Catholic church hall,” he said.
He added that during his 28 years with the judiciary and rising to the position of chief justice, he had sentenced many people to prison but the level of crime never dropped.
Sir Arnold also gave assurance that people would not be evicted from the settlements in the efforts to reduce crime.
He said all action must be carried out according to the Constitution which would save the State from unnecessary payments.
“However, those who had already been evicted from land that belonged to other people, should go back to their province, he said.