Amputation, castration suggested alternatives

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The National, Wednesday 29th May 2013

 GRAND Chief Sir Michael Somare has suggested that other forms of punishment for serious crimes be considered such as amputation and castration.

He told Parliament yesterday that while he supported the Criminal Code Amendment Bill, imposing the death penalty by hanging was not the only answer.

He said hanging by the neck was inhuman and suggested other forms of punishment such as amputating arms and legs and castrating rapists as appropriate penalties for offenders.

He said there should be more time given to the bill so that people were consulted and allowed for forums or seminars to discuss the penalties before tabling it in Parliament.

“This is a good legislation. I will support but I do not say no to kill but look at other alternatives of punishment,” he said.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said the bill was part of an overall package to address the law and order issues in the country.

He said it was not a new law as the death penalty had existed and about 10 people were awaiting execution. Sixty countries, including the United States, enforce it.

He said the judges would play their part while the offenders would also be given the opportunity to appeal and defend themselves.