Analyse Kina Bank’s move realistically


THE Kina Bank vying for Westpac Bank’s assets to be merged into Kina needs to be analysed realistically.
When we had four banks, the financial system was stable.
Now we will have two banks.
There will hardly be any competition in the market, thus, it will result in the financial market collapsing.
Digital banking seems inevitable.
What happens to the unbanked population?
Digital financing seems inevitable.
We need to provide digitised financial services to the unbanked population.
Liquidity needs to be regulated in comparison to money supply.
The financial and banking system needs to find the equilibrium to make finance affordable and accessible for all Papua New Guineans.
The Bank of South Pacific is on the right path with that.

Former Banker

One thought on “Analyse Kina Bank’s move realistically

  • Kina Bank recently took operational control of ANZ Bank, months later same outfit is vying to take over Westpac Bank. There are many factors contributing to their demise, however if two opposing banking institutions are selling out one after the other surely it will raise some concern.
    We can not be that blind and too deaf to keep silent, or is it not an issue ?
    In all these excitement we ordinary Papua New Guineans have to be careful where you do your banking.

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