Ancient sculptures ‘on sale’

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FIVE ancient sculptures have been uncovered in a remote cave in Mt Poulamb in Nondugl, Jiwaka, Western Highlands.
The strange discoveries were made by locals from Damne village who went to set up cuscus traps in the forested mountain in early October.
Sylvester Bol, 72, who was with his brothers who found the objects, said the sculptures were amazing as they were of different sizes and shapes and were all made of stones.
Bol brought one of the sculptures to The National newsroom yesterday and said he wanted to sell the objects to people who were interested in buying ancient artifacts.
He said his tribesman had agreed to discard the ancient objects but he resisted and bought the objects from them in the hope of selling them to museums, art galleries or other individuals or groups who were interested in purchasing and preserving indigenous artifacts.
He said the reason why his tribesmen wanted to discard the odd items was because they were now Christians and had no use for pagan objects such as the figurines.
The stone object measured around 40cm in height and 10cm in width.  
While it seemed to have some archeological significance the object is carved into two human figures hugging each other while facing opposite directions.
The stone sculpture weighs around 3kg.
Bol said the object he showed The National was called the “Hans Komb”  (sun and rain)sculpture.
He said this was because according to legends, his ancestors consulted the two different figures carved in the stone for sun and rain at different times.
Bol said he was selling each item including the Hans Komb figures for K1,500 each.
He can be reached on the following Digicel mobile numbers 73215679 or 71798162.