Angau to focus on hypertension as part of day’s celebration

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The National, Thursday 04th April, 2013

ANGAU Memorial Hospital in Lae is preparing to celebrate World Health Day on April 7 with focus on hypertension, a lifestyle disease that is affecting many Papua New Guineans.
Organising chairman Steven Nawik said activities would include free clinical checks for sugar levels and related factors that contributed to hypertension and diabetes.
“Previously, hypertension affected people from the top working class but the trend has slowly changed, affecting middle-class people including small people from urban settlements as far as rural areas,” he said.
Nawik said guests would include Angau board chairman Benson Nablu, chief executive officer Dr Polapoi Chalau, provincial health adviser Micah Yawing and deputy chief physician Dr Bernard Belari.
He added that various clinical units would attend to assist in educating people about hypertension and diabetes, as well as other health issues.
The event will be held at the hospital’s front car park area on Sunday from 9am to 3pm.