Anglican leaders aims to improve, expand ministry

The National, Monday July 18th, 2016

Anglicans gathered last Saturday at the St Martin’s Anglican Church forum to create a three-year focus plan for the church’s work in Port Moresby.
Bishop of the Anglican diocese of Port Moresby Denny Guka organised the forum to gather views from people to improve the coordination and management of various ministries at the diocesan level.
Guka who spoke during the forum said that the building of a family altar at home enabled the church to grow.
He told the forum that clergy and parishioners must practice what they preach to see growth in the church.
The aim of the forum was to identify weaknesses and find new opportunities to expand the scope of services within the church and the community.
Head of the Anglican Church in PNG Archbishop Clyde Igara thanked Guka for coming up with the initiative to stage the forum.
“I think every diocese in Anglican Church of PNG should learn from this (forum) and move in the same direction so that every diocese will have a set of plans in place,” Igara said.
“Certainly when all of us move we are moving the church making the way forward for it. If Port Moresby alone can do it what about other (Anglican) dioceses?
“It’s a holistic approach.”
Igara said the church had to seriously address health and social issues.
The forum gathered ideas from participants to create seven committees which would focus on issues in health, education, property development and evangelism. Members of these committees would develop work plans and present them to the diocesan council.
The forum is expected to assist the work of parish clergy ministries, parish ministry groups (youth and Sunday school) and general lay ministries.