Anglicare works with students on literacy

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The National, Monday September 9th, 2013

 THE Anglicare Literacy agency is working with the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) and Pacific Adventist University (PAU) students to provide adult literacy programmes.

Anglicare literacy manager Bernard Paru said for the past four years, social works strand students from the UPNG and PAU had come to gain practical experience with Anglicare PNG Inc.  

From the adult literacy programmes perspective, it has been an opportunity for many of the young elites from both universities to understand the issue of illiteracy among our youths and adults and realise how privileged they are to be educated.  Anglicare would like to highlight the enrichment of this ongoing partnership.

Last year, a young third-year student, Freddie Teona, from the UPNG social works strand was engaged to do a 13-week practical course

Teona said he was challenged and touched by the number of youths and adults who could not read and write and was tasked to take up literacy classes and a case study to motivate students to pursue high education.

It was challenging that Teona asked if he could do part-time work with Anglicare PNG Inc. 

He is now a permanent staff member with Anglicare PNG Inc.

He is also completing his final year project with the literacy programme. He is currently an active advocate for adult literacy.

The PAU’s education department offers a survey type education practicum (STEP) course for year two education and year one theology students that begin at the start of the semester 2 each year.