Angoram police arrest suspects

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The National, Wednesday, May 11, 2011

THREE suspects have been arrested while four others are still at large after they ransacked and destroyed the Angoram police station last Saturday.
The cost of damage and stolen items was about K10,000, East Sepik acting police commander Vincent Pokas said.
He said he travelled to the district on Monday to help local policemen apprehend those involved. 
Pokas said the group of men allegedly committed the offence following police raids on black market spots last Thursday when cartons of beer were confiscated.
“The windows and walls were broken, furniture damaged, court files and exhibits such as pop guns and 60 cartons of beer were stolen,” he said.
Pokas said there were only four policemen manning the station when they were overpowered in the early hours of Saturday.
He said police needed greater manpower in the area to uphold law and order.
“Housing is another problem facing policemen and women in the province,” he said.
“This is greatly affecting their morale.”
“I appeal to the people of Angoram to work with police to help in the investigations and general policing in the community,” Pokas said.
It is understood suspended former PPC Charles Parinjo was appointed police station commander at Angoram but is still in Vanimo where he faces assault charges.
Pokas yesterday led a police contingent into the area, saying they would camp there for a week to apprehend those responsible for the attack.
He said the police team would clamp down on other law and order problems.
He said people were taking advantage of the shortfall in police manpower in the area.
Meanwhile, two suspects in separate incidents of unlawful wounding in Wewak and misappropriation in Maprik did not get far when they attempted to escape arrest and travelled to Madang by ship over the weekend.
The two were apprehended at the Madang wharf by police who escorted them back to Wewak on Sunday.
They have been arrested and charged and are expected to appear before the Maprik and Wewak district courts for mention this week.