Anjo: Don’t say silly things about mine

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The National, Wednesday August 08th, 2012

A COMMUNITY leader from the Sinim tribe, in the Kompiam-Ambum electorate, Enga, is calling on the people not make any silly comment against an Australian-based exploration company that will develop the Tekam Mine.
Community leader Gabriel Anjo said last week a group of people had made silly comments against the company and that had not gone down well with the legitimate landowners.
Anjo said Quintessential Resource Limited, developer of the Tekam Mining, was doing a lot for the electorate before developing the mine.
He said his tribe was the legitimate landowner of Tekam mine and urged leaders from other clans and tribes not to spread rumours about the mine and developer.
Anjo said the developer had given books to schools in Western Highlands.
He said the head office of the company was in Western Highlands and that was why the company provided books to the Hagen Park Secondary School last month.
Anjo said people, especially from other tribes, should thank the company and “not to play their filthy politics with them and the developer”.