Another nonsense by BSP

Letters, Normal

The National – Friday, December 10, 2010

BSP has come up with another nonsense that will affect many of its customers.
It is now asking customers depositing more than K1,000 to show documentary proof of the source of income.
This is not only ridiculous but mind-boggling!
I was dumb-struck on Monday when a teller at the BSP Douglas Street asked me where I got my money from when I wanted to make a deposit.
The way he asked me was quite funny, strange and unusual.
When I handed him the cash together with a deposit slip, he held the money and stared as if he has never seen money before.
After pausing for a while, he finally dropped the bombshell by asking me where I got the money from.
I was lost for words because I have never been asked such a ridiculous question before.
At first I thought he was trying to be funny and requested for another teller to serve me.
But he insisted on an answer.
So I bluntly told him that it was none of his business.
I asked him why he was asking me that stupid question and said it was BSP’s new policy.
What nonsense is that?


Albert Kopeap
Port Moresby