Another ‘sorcery’ torture

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Bloodied Jacklyn Gaby at the Peter Block in Lae where she was rescued by police on Saturday from a mob torturing her. They had accused her of practising sorcery which they claimed led to the death of a three-year-old girl. – FBpic

POLICE arrived in time last Saturday to rescue a woman tortured by a mob who had accused her of practising sorcery to kill a three-year-old girl.
Omili police station commander Elias Labi said they were alerted of what Jacklyn Gabby was going through at the Peter Block in Kamkumung, Lae, and rushed to save her on Saturday morning.
“Police arrived and rescued her. Blood was oozing from all over her body. She was taken to the Angau Memorial Hospital,” Labi said.
Nani Daniel, the mother of the late three-year-old Frieda Daniel, told the The National that Gabby had been accused of practising sorcery to kill her daughter.
Gabby, originally from Kainantu in Eastern Highlands, lives with some relatives in Lae. Two of their homes were razed to the ground, and their gardens destroyed. Her family members had earlier fled the area.
Labu was also disappointed that no councillor or community leader had offered to help Gabby and the police.
He plans to summon everyone from Peter Block to the police station to explain to him their lack of cooperation.
“They should have intervened to stop the people from wounding (Gabby) (or) report the matter to the police to bring in the suspect and interrogate,” Labu said.
He reiterated that people accusing others of practising sorcery should first have proof.
“People must be mindful when accusing someone of sorcery,” Labi said.
Meanwhile Lae Lord Mayor James Khay condemned people who took the law into their own hands, saying they do not have a place in the city.
“Lae is a metropolitan city and sorcery practices and allegations shouldn’t be entertained in the city settlements and suburbs as it leads to major law and order issues,” he said.
“Bear in mind that a human life is irreplaceable and we’ve police to deal with such cases.”


  • Do such thing to anyone only if you have proof.
    On the other hand, human life is irreplaceable so such people must not be allowed to live in the city or maybe they deserve to be in prison.

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