Another word for greed – landowner

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the letter “Kondra’s proposed bill must be rejected” (Sept 23) by Mamando Aiyun-Pain of Laiagam.
I agree with the writer’s comments with regard to the proposed amendments to the Mining Act 1992 and Oil and Gas Act 1998 being detrimental to the economic and social well-being of our nation.
The so-called landowners and people who support this proposal should be seen as a bunch of selfish and greedy people who will only get greedier as time passes.
These days, when I hear the word “landowner”, what comes to mind is a picture of an ignorant, lazy, selfish, greedy and unproductive person with a case full of manila folders containing all kinds of (unnecessary) papers fronting up at Konedobu or Waigani everyday. 
The next thing that comes to mind is five to 10 wives with the latest being a 16-year-old who maybe three times younger than the landowner.
The other thing that comes to mind is the abrupt interruption of major projects in the country without any due consideration for the consequences whatsoever.
Other things that also come to mind include the development of a handout and/or cargo cult mentality.
Landowners, remember that you have done absolutely nothing to deserve the money that you receive from these resource projects (unless you are actually working with the company to earn a living or have made some initial investments).
You are just fortunate to be living in that part of the surface of the earth where such resources are located.
You should appreciate the fact that the land with the minerals, oil and gas resources which you vehemently claim to own came to exist without you lifting even one finger or losing one drop of your sweat.
You were never there with God at the time of creation to help create the gold, oil, gas or other such resources.
It is all free to you and, therefore, must be freely shared with the rest of the country that are not so fortunate to have such resources.
This sharing is only possible (and best done) when our Government controls all resources below the ground and even the land itself.
Anything on the surface of the land is deservedly the landowners as they came through his sweat.


Land dweller
Via email