Antonia ready for grand finale

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MISS Papua New Guinea Antonia Singut is all set for the grand finale of the Miss South Pacific Pageant (MSPP) tomorrow night at the Albert Park in Suva, Fiji.
Ms Singut told The National yesterday that the few days of the pageant had helped built her confidence for the final day.
She said representing PNG was worthwhile because most people she had met this week knew very little about PNG, mainly because we had not entered the regional quest in the past eight years.
Ms Singut urged Papua New Guineans to be proud of the fact that they come from the biggest country in the South Pacific with diverse cultures and a lot to offer its smaller South Pacific neighbours.
“Taking part in this pageant is not just about beauty, but to share one’s culture, intelligence and personalities,” she said.
Her message to PNG citizens was that based on US evangelist Joyce Meyer’s speech in her recent crusade in PNG … “PNG is a proclaimed Christian country, our God is known as God of suddenly, and suddenly is the synonym of unexpected, PNG being known as the land of the unexpected would, therefore, mean that PNG is the land of God”.
Her chaperone Molly O’Rourke said Ms Singut was a real ambassador for PNG at the pageant.
Ms Singut comes from a loving home, she comes from a humble beginning and is a very bright very bright, intelligent, a young woman with the drive to achieve great things in life.
Meanwhile, the sarong wear, the traditional attire and stage interview categories of the pageant have been completed in the past two days.
The research topic presentation and the talent categories will be judged today.
The crowning and special awards conclude the week-long pageant tomorrow night which will be preceded by the floats procession.
The MSPP Ball comes right after the crowning.