Any logic in K10m pledge?

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the K10 million pledge by SHP Governor Anderson Agiru to the people of Angoram in East Sepik province.
Firstly, if it was true, then one needs to seriously question it.
In the history of PNG, I have not heard of a politician from one province committing such a huge amount to another province.
Secondly, the revelation came after he relinquished his post as governor to his deputy Pastor Isaac Joseph and appointed Francis Potape as Pr Joseph’s deputy.
He said that he was taking a two-year leave and return before the 2012 general election.
I am very suspicious over the whole affair.
With Mr Agiru’s party, the United Resources Party being the second largest party in the Government, even a bush kanaka would know there is a deal between him and the Somares.
Why can’t Mr Agiru use that sum to seal the road from the border of Western Highlands to Lake Kopiago in the Hela region.
The police in SHP need to be fully equipped to combat tribal fights and SHP provincial police commander Chief Insp Jimmy Onopia appealed for vehicles and funds, and yet Mr Agiru chose to give K10 million to another province.
Mr Agiru needs to tell the people of SHP how he intends to raise this K10 million.
He must tell the people of SHP the truth about the K10 million offer to the people of Angoram.

Concerned Southern Highlander
Via email