Any plans to float PNG LNG shares?

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the FID on Dec 8 by the developer of the LNG project, ExxonMobil.
My concern, if not the country’s, is this – does the Government and ExxonMobil have any strategic plans to help create wealth for Papua New Guineans?
I do not expect every Papua New Guinean to be involved in the project.
As usual, the majority of the people will end up as spectators because successive governments failed to train the human resource to prepare them for blue collar jobs.
As such, I call on the Government and ExxonMobil to float shares so that more Papua New Guineans can participate in the multi-billion kina project.
This will allow us to meet one of the pillars of the NSP Vision 2050 – wealth – under the vision statement of “Happy, wealthy and prosperous PNG by 2050”.

Fuzza Uzzefa
Via email