Anyone home, Harry Haralambou?


MY dear readers,
I write this feature with mixed feelings because it partly deals with someone close to me who initiated moves for me to accompany a New York photographer called Harry to take photos for publicity brochures and calendars for Cuso the Canadian overseas volunteer organisation.
Yes that’s him in the heading above. This was years back in the mid-1980s! Yes, the lady referred to above was none other than my fond and loving tambu (in-law in Tok Pisin) the late Lady Judith Bona, wife of my nephew Sir Kina Bona now based on Buka, North Bougainville.
I had semi-retired on my then Laloki River property when Judy (she preferred this to Lady!) drove up my drive way one Sunday morning, bringing with her some homemade bikkies and teabags, sugar and…we are renowned for our trending state of everlasting poverty. Snif!
The passenger door opened and wha…whosat yah? Oh, Judy said to me by way of introduction: this is Harry Haralambou I told you about on the phone yesterday.
So we entered my humble palace and switched the jug on. Tea for three. Juice for Rowena?..only child of Judith and Kina Bona? Could be wrong here?
She broached the recommendation and I fell for it like ducks take to water for l am to accompany Harry to my home province – Milne Bay – the first sector of his PNG tour sponsored by Cuso which Judy was bossing in Port Moresby then.
Hey Harry, you could be reading this garbage soon as The National is also read on line. I am on Facebook but I haven’t sighted you. Am still so computer illiterate it’s not funny anymore…my email address is
That is the latest email address. May be we rebond? Sorry because of my cancer of the prostate issues and others like HBP and high cholesterol I cancelled all…everything that points to New York. I need to manage my health issues properly before flying to NY and across to Indian Neck Lane Peconic to visit you and Lito?
How’s your book coming along? Mine’s is in ms form, er manuscript form…would you believe it’ll be a hymnal in my native Suau: all my translation work from English. I can sing all the 200 hymns and 150 choruses: well not as good as Mahalia Jackson the iconic Gospel singer of the bygone era! I adore her singing. She had more than soul!
Maybe I appeal to descendants of Atlanta Georgia missionary to Kwato Mission Papua one Doris Purcell to help me print it there in the US and help me also in freight and circulation costs? God moves in mysterious ways as they say so maybe I pray just a little bit harder for divine intervention and providence?
Yes, Harry Judy moved to the other side several months ago. Do we ever miss her? I know you would too.
I sure have heaps to tell you, Harry…oh is your El Presidento Donald Duck Frump for real, pardner?! You should send him to the Moscow Circus trapeze groupe, close the door and give the key to whots his name the boss over there.! Sarcasm is my middle name now.
Hey Harry. I must finish this epistle or my editor will commit hara kari!
Take care. Say hi to Lito for me.

  • Biga Lebasi is a freelance journalist. Next Friday he writes about the first airmail to be flown from Australia to Papua New Guinea.

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