ANZ Bank must buck up

Letters, Normal

AS more people turn to banks for various services, these financial institutions must also ensure that they continue to improve their services, be they equipment or manpower.
Unfortunately, as the banks get more popular, their services deteriorate.
It is not unusual now to wait for an hour before one reaches the counter.
The ANZ Bank is one good example.
As its customers increase, the queues get longer but the number of counter staff remains the same.
Even to open an account with the bank takes longer now.
To rub salt into the wound, the bank requires a K100 fee to do a company search, when the registry charges only K10 or K20.
A friend who wanted to open an account, submitted his application and after 10 days, and at least three visits and several telephone calls, he still could not open the account.
Also frustrating is that he gets told different things by different staff.
Finally, he decided to take his business to another bank.
Buck up, Mr ANZ!


Port Moresby