Apec after the wave of euphoria


FELLOW Papua New Guineans, with all the fever and excitement of the Apec Leaders’ Summit subsiding, the chances of PNG reaping long-term benefits immediately from it seem highly unlikely.
Only time will tell, although some of us benefitted briefly as far as business was concerned and being a part of all those helping out to successfully host this global event.
There has been much hype leading up to this, let’s say, event of the century, especially on the positive outcomes of Apec.
Criticisms, with comments, were put forward and posted on social media by outstanding countrymen and women. Their views and analysis were professional observation masterpieces of Apec from different angles.
Those who commented were just brilliant in their own minds and I just couldn’t agree with them more.
On the contrary, we really need to brace ourselves and be prepared for the worst.
Let us not be blinded by the infrastructure developments, or the presence of very powerful leaders here, or the sweet talk of economic boom or stability as the ensuing result.
There may be certain negativities associated with the end results of Apec, which might have lasting effects on PNG and our lives.

Mike Focks Peter