Apec decides official routes

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THE Apec road network will be used to transport delegates and officials from the three cruise ships to the meeting venues, says Apec Coordination Authority chief executive Chris Hawkins.
Hawkins said the roads on the main Apec routes including the road to Motukea where the cruise liner Sea Princess would be berthed would be monitored when the delegates were travelling.
He said more awareness would be carried out, especially for people living in the areas along the Apec routes. He explained the main routes as per the map for all leaders from their hotels.
“Just about every hotel is on that primary Apec route. It is essential for the safety of the leaders as it happened in every Apec year that the main route is shut down for the four days. He said the alternate roads marked would be used “if for whatever reason the motorcades decide not to use the primary roads. The green roads can be turned over to motorcades at short notice. The feeder roads include the road to Motukea port, international media centre (Taurama Aquatic Centre), Parliament and to Adventure Park.

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