Apec delegates impressed with Lihir operation


DELEGATES to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation mining week were impressed visited Lihir Mine in New Ireland and were impressed.
The 15 delegates spent a day there.
Chilean delegate and Apec mining taskforce chairman Rodrigo Urquiza said his country would host Apec next year and what he had observed were important.
“The trip here has been wonderful and the mine and the work they do here is very impressive,” he said.
“There is usually an understanding that mining methods are very old but in the case of this mine, there is a high level of technology being used.
“They are challenged by the thermal structure of the soil and by the sea pressing the mine and it is amazing how they use technology to overcome this.
“This is in line with the mining week where we are looking at ways for technology to be used in the best ways for greater production in the sector.
“The community here is also lovely, especially with how the mine management is working with them to better their lives through education and other opportunities.
“I am pleased with the trip and am sure the other delegates are thankful of having the opportunity to come here and not only see the mine but the local community.”
Mineral Resource Authority acting managing director Nathan Mosusu said the trip was organised by operators of Lihir Mine Newcrest.
“Apec wanted to see where they would be interested to go in line with the Mining Week meetings,” he said.
“We suggested Lihir and when we brought up the idea with Newcrest they were supportive of that and actually we had another competing mine who wanted to host the delegates as well.
“However it was decided that given the environment here, style of the deposit and for a change of setting from the mainland we thought let’s get them to an island.
“And another good thing about this place is there is a mixture of Lihirians and also people from around the country so that was an added benefit for choosing Lihir.”

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