Apec director sees global role for PNG

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PNG has a solid foundation to contribute actively to issues of world interest, Chile executive director for Apec 2019 Mario Ignacio Artaza says.
Artaza, who led a team to PNG at the weekend, said APEC Haus was by far a standing presence of Apec that would enter PNG’s history.
“It is indeed very thrilling and exciting to see the interest the motivation and overall commitment shown by PNG to host a unique Apec in 2018,” he said.
“I’m excited and thrilled beyond what PNG government and the people are doing in leading the agenda of issues which are very much relevant – including environment, energy, mining, human resources development, women, and digital economy.
“We are seeing those issues come to the community of Port Moresby that gives us tremendous pride to work hand in hand with community and the leadership of PNG government.
“Since our arrival, we felt very much welcomed and we have been discussing with PNG several issues of bilateral and logistical preparations which can be learnt by the Chilean team.
Atarza said there were some lessons because Apec was in consistent movement and development needs that could be brought towards 2019.
“We are also impacted with the development of APEC Haus and how Port Moresby and community are taking on interest in the preparations in the Apec year.