Apec meeting to focus on embracing digital future


MORE than 1000 delegates from the countries of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) are expected to attend the second senior officials meeting in Port Moresby next month.
There will be a series of high-level meetings to discuss, plan and implement initiatives aimed at:

  • Enabling people participation in the region’s growing economy;
  • improving and strengthening trade relations; and,
  • addressing challenges facing the Asia-Pacific region.

The theme is “Harnessing inclusive opportunities, embracing the digital future”.
A statement from Apec stated that PNG, as host, would not only contribute to global economic and social engagement but also advance trade and enhancing capacity through skills training and technological know-how of people in the region.
“Projects such as the digital skills training for rural communities can help local farmers and Small to Medium Enterprises in member economies, including Papua New Guinea to export their products abroad using modern technology.
“Additionally, Apec’s coordinated electronic customs processing system, using the internet, can also allow these products to be easily exported with just one set of common standards across borders.”

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