Apec policy will boost development: O’Neill

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PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill arrived in the city of Da Nang in Vietnam yesterday for the 2017 Asia-Pacific Economic  Cooperation (Apec) leaders’ summit.
He highlighted the importance of the Apec policy agenda that would help boost growth in key sectors of PNG’s economy.
“Apec is an important forum for growth and development in our region and in the coming year will be even more important for Papua New Guinea when we host leaders from around the region,” O’Neill said in a statement.
“The whole focus of the Apec leaders’ week is to strengthen our capacity to trade and to grow our economies.
“Through Apec we have the opportunity to generate more business and that in turn creates more jobs.
“As a developing economy in Apec, PNG also has the opportunity to strengthen capacity and skills in key sectors around the country. Apec is more than a single meeting each year, but it has a broad agenda covering agriculture, fisheries, women in the economy, transport and many other sectors that are vital for Papua New Guinea’s growth.
“Ultimately, our work through Apec in these sectors is delivering direct benefits for our people.
“This Apec meeting will have a strong focus on adopting better digital technologies.
The weeklong series of Apec meetings also includes the 2017 Apec CEO’s summit which O’Neill is to address.
“At the Asia-Pacific Economic  Cooperation chief executives’s summit, our business representatives will be working to build better links with companies in Vietnam and around the region.”