Apec report will be tabled in Parliament: Tkatchenko

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HOUSING and Urbanisation Minister Justin Tkatchenko, pictured, says the Apec report will be tabled in Parliament.
Tkatchenko said the report was being approved and vetted by the auditor-general as part of the process.
“All finances and expenditure can be vetted correctly and properly as per the proper procurement process as audited by the Department of Finance,” he said.
“We look forward to that audit report coming to me so I can present it on the floor of Parliament.
“When it comes to the vehicles, those that were tendered out unfortunately under the expression of interest, which didn’t allow for the cost of the vehicle to be covered and recouped,” Tkatchenko said.
He said the Department of Finance was in charge of all the vehicles and assets and would dispose of them through proper process which was required and retendered, or go through a dealer.

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