Apec vehicles returned for tender process, says Tkatchenko


APEC Minister Justin Tkatchenko says most of the vehicles used during November’s Leaders’ Summit have been returned to the Finance Department to be tendered.
Tkatchenko refuted claims that there were hundreds of vehicles missing and seen on the streets of Port Moresby, adding that only “four or five” were still being held by some government departments which would be returned soon.
“When it comes to vehicles that were used for 2018 Apec leaders’ meeting, that responsibility has been handed over to the Finance Department under Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan,” he said.
“It’s his responsible to ensure that they go through the Central Supplies and Tenders Board to ensure they go through a proper process and Finance Management Act so that everything is done correctly as per the Ombudsman Commission.
“For me now as minister, the situation is now the responsibility of the Finance Department.” Tkatchenko said “four or five” vehicles were still in the hands of some government departments.
“The question of hundreds of vehicles still missing is totally a lie and misleading,” he said.
Meanwhile, a bus that had backed into the Carr Memorial School in Waigani is still being held by the school until the cost of the damage to its fence has been paid.
“They don’t want to release the bus until we pay them for the damage that was done to the fence so they can repair it,” Tkatchenko said.
“I believe that Finanace Department will sorted out the payment.”