Apect summit


LET us not boast about our achievements in hosting Apec meetings here in PNG.
It came about at a great cost to our economy with many crippling effects to services and livelihood of the people.
It was held over four days or less compared to other Apec meetings held elsewhere around the world.
It did not attract some of the world’s topmost executives of the most powerful countries of the world.
In hosting the Apec PNG has turned itself into a football field for world powers to play their power games on it.
The tensions of the old rivalries of the Eastern and the Western power blocks can be seen and felt hatching out in this period of Apec meetings.
The forceful way the nations of the Western block approached to try to force PNG government for the charge and control of the Manus Naval Base outside of Apec discussions and the plan of electrification to the rural majority in the context of Apec discussions are some examples.
The Western block countries were very much concerned about the unlimited influence and control countries from the Eastern blocks have been exerting and confirming with their physical presence and activities in PNG.
It also threatens the security of the Western countries because PNG is geographically located in very close proximity to them and have always been under their sphere of influence.
The political actions, motives and decisions of PNG’s national leaders have already placed our nation in a vulnerable situation and if we are not careful our land and territory will become a playing field of the great world powers.
Anyone who wants to boast and take honor and glory about the Apec achievements must also analyse these issues carefully before he can boast.

Grassroot Analyst

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